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This is the time of fashion press days, when journalists troop across London in a mad sweat, hoping they don’t get given any more bags of look books to carry. Oh, if only, right? And if we all get through this I promise I will never moan about press days again.

But maybe I won’t even need to because the biggest trend right now is the virtual or digital press day, delivered by Instagram or Vimeo, to a device near you.

“Light your favourite candle, make your own canapés and enjoy browsing through our FW20 collections”, says the bio on KCD London’s Instagram private press day account @kcdshowroom118.

Well, I confess, I didn’t manage a canapé and I’m keeping my candles for a glass of wine and Save Me Too, but I did have a browse of both KCD and Rainbowave’s no-travel events and I can report that this is the future. Why the hell didn’t we think of it before? I know we all love a face-to-face and we’ll love it even more in a few months’ time, but this works so well, is so streamlined and time, space, energy-efficient, that I won’t be surprised if many people adopt this model going forward or at least have it as an add-on. Innovation in times of crisis?

This is one great example. See you at Karla Otto’s next week?