Monitoring the mood


In this weird lull between lockdown and normal, what do we hacks need now? I can only speak for myself, but I want stats and stories about the return to spa-ing, shopping and salon visiting (please God let this be soon). I want catchy-sounding spa packages that promise to address the physical and mental effects of lockdown. Ditto in-clinic treatments from doctors.

What is the fallout from three months of zero socialisation? Of no cutting, massaging, tweezing or tinting? Of no lazering or Botoxing? I want to know what people are booking and what they aren’t. I want to know about how the pros are tackling the effects of disastrous home hair colouring and cutting. I want to know about how desperate people are to get to the top of the waiting list, and what they’ll do to get there. I want to know about immune boosting treatments and regimes that promise to shift the lockdown pounds. I want to know about getaways for stressed teenagers or convalescence for people who’ve had the virus.

Sounds a bit exhausting right? I’m sure you are all feeling weary, I know it’s been a stressful time. I hope and pray that the clients who have pressed pause on your payments will get going again.

Let’s dig deep and find the stories that reflect the mood. We are nearly there.