Take me out


Business leaders want workers back in central business districts. Bums on seats; workers in coffee shops, gyms and bars. But the beauty industry is unlikely to conform to the old-school 9-5. So many of us are freelance, and those that did work full-time in an office probably won’t ever do so in the same way again.

The problem is, we are ideas people and need inspiration – so much of that comes from getting out there and experiencing new things, meeting experts, trying out treatments.

After six months out of it, my ideas bank is running low.

How are you feeling about meeting journalists? Personally, I’m ready to start doing press appointments. I’d love to get back into the salon/spa/stores and meet your clients.

So seize the back-to-school feeling and get filling your diary with one-to-ones. I’d love a coffee – mine’s a half-shot skinny latte…

PS. In other news Cosmetic Business reports 75% of health and beauty companies say they have made no preparations for a second wave of the coronavirus. Are your clients poised to handle one?