Woof Woof


2020 – and how many of you got a dog in, during or after lockdown?

I know one Roxhill employee who did and she’s far from alone - my sister, my friend, my neighbour… Everyone I know seems to be dealing with puppies crying in the night and a decidedly smaller collection of shoes. You can’t drive five minutes without seeing a gamboling cockapoo tripping over its new lead.

I think it’s great. There’s nothing better than a dog in times of insecurity. I have my own three-year-old cavapoo called Megan (Barkle) and I love my muddy walks and sofa cuddles.

Which is exactly why I’m delighted to be researching this sudden trend for pet-ownership for an upcoming piece. I won’t name the title, but let’s say it will be less Pets At Home and more Mungo & Maud. I’ll be talking to new high profile pet owners and looking for stats, facts, fancy new pet products (especially tech) and new pet initiatives and experiences. I’ve already been told about some luxury hotels making dogs particularly welcome this year.

To which, Megan Barkle says woof woof.