No one really knows what 2020 means


I began 2020 writing about Alexander McQueen and Annabelle Neilson CHK for Vogue and ended it with a How To Spend It cover story about dogs. I don’t know what that means, but no one really knows what 2020 means yet. I don’t think we will do for a decade.

Some of the themes and trends that I’ve found myself writing about in this unusual year are going to stay around for a while and might be worth keeping in mind for your 2021 pitches – or just as general ideas to inform how you operate. I think the most important trend is one I’m calling Sanctuary.

Last week I mentioned the increasing importance of wellbeing. I should add that those treatments and products that can be used at home – or in any location – are going to continue to be vital. It’s all about building your own retreat, or sanctuary, that has everything in it to protect and cocoon you from the world – or indeed to connect you virtually to the world.

For fashion that means the comfort trend that emerged this year, and left a lot of brands realising that they didn’t actually make anything comfortable to wear. The Guardian today has a piece about leggings and I’ve already written a story for next season about the big roomy trouser trend.

From a communications angle it also means more money being ploughed into digital communications. Today, for example, Alexander McQueen has released a film directed by Hollywood auteur Jonathan Glazer as its SS21 marketing campaign. That’s some serious wonga, I imagine, and also a serious connection to the arts, which fashion is increasingly drawing on for credibility.

Of course, the home itself, decorating and interior stories, will continue to be important as the ultimate sanctuary. But I’m secretly hoping we won’t see quite so much of these four walls next year.

Happy Christmas. Thank you for reading and giving me great feedback this year.