Lockdown 3.0


Jaysus. Lockdown three. Only this time it’s cold and wet and JANUARY. Anyway enough… Change is something we all have to live with at the moment. It’s unsettling, but can be good.

I’ve noticed changes around how I am commissioned. Firstly I’m being inundated with e-mails wanting me to sign up to brand collaboration sites. (Expect to see Rosie x Odour Eaters very soon 😂)

Secondly I’m working with a couple of brands at the moment who’ve asked me for a written piece to go in their magazine/on their website. Nothing new there, but in addition they’d like me to post about it on social media. So they are in part employing me for my scribing skills, and in part employing me to connect their brand with my audience.

My challenge is how make sure that I only accept collaborations from brands that feel like a fit with my followers, and that I make sure the content is authentic. Yours is to make sure you get the kind of content and connection your client wants.

Journalists as influencers? I know there are the social media stars with ginormous followings, but may I make the case for hacks with decent numbers and a lot of credibility. That’s important right?

I can make I retain that credibility, and you can make sure it works for your client, which means we both must respect what each other stands for. So grown up…

Another benefit of working with journalists, well most of them, is that I vow to be punctual, deliver quality work, be full of ideas and bring my best creativity. I’d be most grateful if you can pay fair, pay quickly and buffer me from the more extreme requests of your client. (‘Please can Rosie espouse the virtues of odour eaters whilst lounging in a bath of cheese puff). Then we have a partnership made in heaven.