Dear under 30s: welcome to the telephone

Tomorrow's Business

A wince of sympathy for the hack, whom we shan’t name, with more than 87,000 unread emails on his work phone.

Perhaps he’s showing this to flaks to get sympathy or just to illustrate the impossibility of his working life.

Do yourself a favour mate. Erase the whole lot and start again. You’ll feel better.

Flaks complain increasingly that hacks are impossible to reach and this sort of thing may explain why.

Both hacks and flaks of a certain vintage note that the under 30s seem allergic to the telephone. If you’re nursing 87,000 unread emails perhaps that’s understandable. That many emails is simply not manageable in the way that 15 phone calls, say, are.

My point is that most of the ways of communicating that don’t involve speaking to each other tend to increase confusion.

Plainly, there isn’t much point in sending our hero another email.

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