Careless talk can cost deals

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A bunch of hacks were whinging into their wine about the total lack of scoops they had for Sunday’s paper.

The best storygetter I ever worked with nudges us to shut up and listen to the banker blokes bragging in the booth behind us.

We lean in. And start taking notes. It’s a huge deal. Going to change the face of banking. Big site in Derby, but no-one has twigged. They’re going to call this new company Egg. We’re all going to be disgustingly rich.

The hack applies lipstick and her most coquettish manner. “Excuse me gentlemen” she simpers. “Forgive me for overhearing. But it all sounds Very Exciting. You’re Obviously Very Important. May I ask, which company do you work for?”

The banker sits back. Swaggers again. “Small company called the Prudential love.” She smiles. He panics. “Erm, who do you work for?”

She turns on her heels. “National newspaper.”

The. Look. On. His. Face.

Enjoy the party season. And please don’t be careful out there. We’re keen to listen in…

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