Hackland shifts, flakland doesn't budge

Tomorrow's Business

When a story like Carillion breaks, hackland suddenly does back-flips. Plans, and pages, are ripped up.

Egos are trampled. That story you’ve been trying to get into the paper for four days dies a final, dishonourable death (Looks at news editor. Squints eyes. Pulls face).

Flakland hardly seems to budge. There wasn’t much point in talking to us today about anything apart from Carillion.

Yet the calls came in just the same, at just the same inconvenient time.

From the inside, it seems obvious that this gigantic story would dominate proceedings. From the outside, it plainly is not.

For folk engaged in the news business, it’s hard to understand why so many don’t seem to read any of it.

Just a thought.

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