Which PR firm has most FTSE 100 clients?

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According to research from the Corporate Advisers Rankings Guide, an interesting bunch, the answer to my question is Brunswick.


It is top of the PR pops, with 22 big name clients (down by two, because Royal Mail and Provident Financial dropped into the FTSE 250).

These findings aren’t surprising. You might guess it would be Brunswick gold, Finsbury silver, FTI bronze.

What’s interesting to me is how static the figures are; how little disruption there appears to be at the top of the PR industry.

Every other industry is under attack from digital insurgents; upstarts with a laptop and an attitude. How come top flaks are immune? Or aren’t they?

Assuming FTSE 100 bosses know what they are doing when selecting PR advice, the other conclusion must simply be that Brunswick is a better firm than Finsbury or FTI or Tulchan.

I do hope I haven’t started a fight.

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