Winners (and losers) from the PR deal league

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Figures today from Mergermarket offer an intriguing look at who is up (and down), when it comes to advising on deals.

Our two tables below show the top ten flak firms by deal number and deal volume.

Winners and losers from the PR deal league

It’s pleasing to note that the PR firms lower down the league than they’d like took the news well.

And that those doing well avoided triumphalism.

Beyond that, common reactions were these:

How come Maitland are so high up? (But fair play to them).

Who are Ashton Consulting? Where did they come from?

Brunswick, Tulchan and Powerscourt are the only three “independents” in the top ten.

You can always cut the figures so that one firm or another comes out on top (by headcount, say).

And: the position of my firm is unfairly represented because of blah blah blah gobbledygook etc. Not that I’m bothered.

You can see the full Mergermarket findings here.

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