The upside of telling the truth

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Shock development: Big CEO tells unvarnished truth. Gets fair treatment from proper newspaper.

Warren East’s interview in The Times today is extraordinarily candid. Rolls-Royce was nearly going bust, he admits.

Half the staff weren’t surprised about the corruption allegations against the company since they assumed that was how it did business anyway.

The company accounting was a “fog”. Rolls’ present performance is, at best, mediocre.

It’s a cracking story by m’learned colleague Robert Lea, in return for which The Times gives Mr East fair treatment.

There’s a whole spread inside where East gets to explain where he is going next, what his plans are for the future. It’s a very good piece of reporting on the back of an honest interview.

Flak-land might notice that East comes out if it well. Tell the truth. We’ll like you for it. Honestly.

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