In the battle of Shah vs Sir Philip, there is only one side to be on

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Philip Green “to sue” over bombshell biography, reports Sebastian Shakespeare in today’s Daily Mail.

Oliver Shah’s book on Green is out soon. The Sunday Times man is reportedly getting £100,000 from Penguin for his work and I bet it is worth at least that.

It is very hard to see how Green can PR this book. Suing – let’s see if he really does – is his only option.

Hacks don’t always stand together and in normal circumstances you’d expect there to be at least a few of us willing to hear Green’s side of the story, to see if there are holes in the book.

As it is, he’s been so rude to so many hacks over so many years I doubt there is a single journalist in town who isn’t entirely on Shah’s side.

He’s an extremely good, extremely thorough reporter, so I doubt he will have got anything wrong. Even if he has, I don’t think Green is going to find too many of us willing to point that out.

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