When being "private" simply doesn't work

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Who is Edward Bramson, and does he worry what the UK press thinks of him?

Perhaps the man often described as a corporate raider who has just taken a 5% stake in Barclays doesn’t care less.

I think on this occasion, his reluctance to explain himself might actually prevent him getting what he wants.

When he was duffing up the management of other companies, his personal life, his personality, didn’t really matter.

But Barclays is far too important a company for the press not to be interested in what he’s like.

So, profiles of him are going to be written whether he co-operates or not.

In the absence of light-hearted stuff from the man himself, the press is most likely to fill in the gaps with gossip from rivals; other business folk he got the better of.

He might have to break his vow of silence. A tough one for his spinners at FTI, I’d say.

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