If you're going public, why talk only in private?

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An (increasingly common) oddity today from a company called Avast.

The cyber-security giant unveiled plans to float in London this morning, but wouldn’t talk about itself on-the-record, at least not to me.

Surely, only talking in private on the very day you go public is a bad look?

There’s plenty of obvious questions for Avast to answer. Why is a company headquartered in the Czech Republic floating in London? Why did the chief executive get embroiled in anSEC fraud probe years ago? Why does it take EIGHT banks to handle this float?

It must be better to address these questions head on, on-the-record, in the most straight-forward way possible.

Otherwise the impression left is that you’re embarrassed. That you’ve something to hide.

I don’t know whether the insistence on “background only” talk was Avast’s idea or Finsbury’s advice. Either way, I can’t see why it’s good, from any point of view.

There’s way too much of this off-the-record chat. I think hacks should start resisting. If what you’re saying is true, why can’t you associate yourself with it?

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