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Ping. An email from David Brent. At least, that’s how it reads.

Daphne from Derby has just landed a new job as marketing manager at Leicester-based training company SHL.

She is “excited” by this and the chance to work on “leadership development”. In her spare time, she enjoys swimming and baking.

She aims to create a work atmosphere where she’s a friend first and a boss second. Probably an entertainer third.

Ok, that’s Brent, not Daphne.

Perhaps we are mean to make fun. There’s no particular harm done from SHL (I’ve changed the details to protect the harmless) sending this stuff out, seemingly to every hack in Britain.

But two thoughts: a) what’s the point? b) hacks are drowning in this stuff. There might be genuinely interesting, positive news, going on that we miss because we’re trying to front crawl through the sludge.

As a professional flak, you resent the idea that you would be sending this stuff out in the first place.

My argument is that the other half of the PR industry is so often in the way of the good bit.

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