When chatty chief executives suddenly go missing

Tomorrow's Business

Paul Pester came up for air today after several days under water.

The normally talkative TSB chief executive had gone missing in the midst of a computer meltdown.

Today he started tweeting and doing interviews, getting not entirely sympathetic responses.

Pester told me that, much as he likes talking to hacks, customers are more important and he was working around the clock to fix the glitch.

I guess that’s fair enough, but I suspect it wasn’t just hacks wondering why the CEO wasn’t front and centre; on the radio and the TV saying sorry, promising compensation to those out of pocket.

Pester is partly paying the price for being so outspoken in the past, attacking the high street banking giants and promising to be better.

They can be forgiven for enjoying his discomfort. And, busy though he doubtless was, it still seems to me that he should have made some time on Monday to do a bit of media, lest customers and hacks get the unfair idea that he was hiding.

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