The death of the answer phone message

Tomorrow's Business

Who listens to answer phone messages? Fewer and fewer people, by all accounts.

On the list of things to check (emails, texts, WhatsApps, Facebook notes, Tweets) answerphone messages seem to have fallen to the bottom.

Lately, I’ve found that I check the answer phone once a week, deleting 10 or so messages, some of which would have been handy to have heard at the time.

Most times when a flak calls me back and I say, did you get my message?, they reply: no, you’ll have to say it again.

For hacks and flaks I think what this means is that we can no longer assume that just because we left a message, that it was received.

I think that’s particularly important when it’s a “I’ll assume this is accurate unless I hear from you”, type call.

Maybe we should all just collectively agree that a missed call means…I want to speak to you, but I didn’t leave a message.

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