GDPR threat: sign up or kittens will die

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Ping. Another GDPR related email and the tone is getting somewhere between threatening and desperate.

They don’t quite say “sign up or kittens will die”, but they’re heading in that direction.

An example: “If we don’t hear back from you, you will no longer receive newsletters offering expert insights on hotel-market-performance, analysis of current issues affecting the hotel industry…” It goes on.

The thing is, I didn’t know I was receiving any of this in the first place. And I don’t write about hotels. Even on TripAdvisor.

So if the main effect of GDPR is that a bunch of people stop getting stuff they didn’t remotely want anyway, isn’t that good for both sender and receiver?

An aside: With ten days until the law comes into effect, confusion clearly reigns.

Along with the emails begging us to opt-in, are a whole bunch confidently telling us that unless we actively opt-out, we’ll stay on the list.

Someone is getting this wrong.

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