Flaks can resist everything except temptation

Tomorrow's Business

Every agency in town, I reckon, has had the following conversation with itself. Some of them have had it with me.

Should we make a bid to pick up the clients that Bell Pottinger used to service?

Is the money worth the risk to our reputation?

The argument in favour goes like this: PR people are like lawyers these days. Everyone deserves representation.

The whole point of us flaks is that we aren’t judgemental, at least before we know all the facts.

And anyway, since we’re so truthful and honest, we might even make bad people behave better, thereby making the world a better place.

I raise an eyebrow and ask whom the speaker is trying to kid.

Myself, they concede. It’s a terrible idea.

I think it is. Which means one of you is sure to do it before long.

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