Bring us your cunning PR stunts

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A really nifty PR stunt today by Dabbl, a cut price stockbroker.

Even if you aren’t a cricket fan (it’s allowable), you’ll probably remember that Australia got into serious trouble a few months back for cheating.

The players used sandpaper to tamper with the ball, a revelation that led to bans, recriminations and tears.

At the Oval today, as England readied to take on the Aussies in a one-day match, Dabbl handed out boundary cards made of sandpaper to be waved every time a batsman hits a four, or a six.

This caught the imagination of folk on Twitter very quickly and I bet it gets picked up elsewhere.

The back is an advert for the company, which deserves a mention on TV just for the cheek of the PR.

So far as I know, there’s no press release connected to this stunt. A PR guy called Tony Cross of Monk Communications just knew it would work.

More please.

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