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Sorry, that was a tease. But you knew that before you clicked.

A question for the PR industry (I’m very interested in the answer)…

Presented with a new client, would you, or your firm, choose to make £500,000 a year for ten years….or £1 million for just this year.

For clarity (us non-maths folks need this), the first option is more money. It is £5 million. Against £1 million. The £5 million requires more work. But would be a rewarding journey, I am sure.

Yet I reckon nearly all of you took the easier first million. Because you expect to lose that client. Or think the CEO you are spinning for will be long gone anyway.

As an outsider, it seems to me that much of the flak industry talks long-term, but acts as if next month is so far away as to be impossible to imagine.

I entirely understand the pressures. And I’m certainly not suggesting that newspapers are better at looking forward (for us, next week is a whole other era). date Nevertheless, PR short-term-ism, the drive to pump up today and forget about tomorrow, seems to be getting worse.

Tell me what I’m missing.

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