A summer shambles

Tomorrow's Business

Around 60 major companies reported results today, including such giants as Sky, Shell, Diageo and Anglo American.

On top of that, there was US/EU trade war news, a worrying ONS report and, erm, supermarket shelves being swept clean of food, apparently.

This is too much business news for newspapers to usefully analyse. Some papers will have down-paged for the summer in any case. And editors may think the weather is more important than Shell’s dividend (it isn’t).

I suppose if you’re a company wanting to avoid proper scrutiny, reporting today might make sense.

If you’re one wanting time and space to explain yourself, get your message over, it doesn’t.

What’s the process by which we end up here? Why don’t regulators intervene? How many FTSE 100 companies would have to report on the same day before someone said “no!”. Who would that person be?

Answers thankfully received.

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