The Sports Direct approach to press management

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Sports Direct takes an interesting approach to press relations. It doesn’t care.

At least, founder Mike Ashley appears not to. He doesn’t talk to the press at all if he can avoid it. He doesn’t remotely worry what financial commentators make of his plans.

And he certainly doesn’t bother to get into fights with City Editors.

The share price isn’t lately suggesting that this approach is entirely sensible.

For hacks seeking answers to questions, it is annoying. A public company should engage more, surely.

On the other hand, it’s hard not to admire at some level the total lack of regard for what journalists have to say.

This undercover investigation of working conditions at Sports Direct would have sent many business leaders into a mixture of fury and contrition.

Sports Direct just sort of nodded and carried on.

I’m not defending this. But big companies that fret about absolutely everything that gets written about them might look at Sports Direct and figure it’s ok to relax.

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