What was the point of GDPR?

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For a glorious few weeks at the start of the summer, it really looked like something good had come out of the EU.

The General Data Protection Regulation that so exercised PR firms and other businesses in the run up to its implementation in May, seemed to have worked.

Hacks inboxes were markedly more manageable. There was notably less spam. Messages we might actually want, useful things, got spotted more easily.

Hacks even made it on time to meetings. A couple of times.

That was then. My inbox today is as much a shambles of nonsense as ever it was.

There are people who want to sell me advertising space. People who want to buy it.

Emails that start: “Hi George/Charlotte.”

A whole bunch that think I am Jewish (it’s Yom Kippur).

And some stuff about music festivals.

It doesn’t really matter, I suppose. But quite a lot of activity went into sending me this stuff.

I seem to be back on all sorts of mailing lists that had briefly left me alone.

What was the point of GDPR again?

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