Pension PR just needs to try a bit harder

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Pension scare stories fly our way as commonly as pigeons.

The trouble with them is that they are often too obviously sales devices. The pensions industry is saying: there’s a massive problem coming. The solution is for everyone to buy more of what we sell.

Hacks wouldn’t let other industries get away with that; insurance companies seem to think they should.

And there are plenty, seemingly endless, reasons for us to be suspicious about what savers are told.

You don’t have to do much investigative work to see that not all the pension prophecies of doom come true. Loads of people seem to retire happily and affordably.

I think the pension sector just needs to try a bit harder. Come up with cleverer ways to get us interested in its wares rather than the latest scandal.

There’s a not bad effort from Legal & General, which reveals the over 55s spend more time buying a car than deciding their pension.

That’s a nice line at least.

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