Timing is everything

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Newspapers move quickly. And once they’ve done a story, that’s probably that. Editors have the attention span of gnats, something they may share with readers, in truth.

From the outside this stuff is hard to gauge, I grant you. But take it as read that papers prefer previews to follow ups.

This week is the Paris Motor Show, one of those big events that is becoming less and less important. Newspapers ponder whether it is worth sending a correspondent, or whether they can get away with doing it from the office.

Today we get this from Deloitte, flagging its 2019 Global Automotive Consumer Study. It’s a comprehensive effort, lots of stats, lots of experts.

I fear it is too late. In the days before the show, reporters were scrambling around for stories. By day three, newsdesks, editors and probably readers are bored. It’s that old thing. Again.

So I fear Deloitte’s work will go to waste (I’ll report back if I’m wrong).

It’s a shame, really. Because that same report three or four days earlier had a good chance of playing well.

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