How Not To Get Into The Evening Standard

Tomorrow's Business

Ring ring. The flak is giddy with excitement. She has a brilliant release. Some original research. Her enthusiasm isn’t entirely misplaced. It’s actually not bad; it might fill a hole on a quiet day.

The issue, this seems obvious but plainly is not, is that it is embargoed till midnight.

So the news is only available to use fully 13 hours after the Evening Standard goes to print at 11am.

It is aimed at the morning papers.

So either they will pick it up for tomorrow, in which case why should we.

Or they’ve ignored it, in which case, so shall we, in all likelihood.

A midnight embargo is specifically saying “we don’t care about the Standard”. Fair enough, that’s up to you. We’re unlikely to care back though.

I wouldn’t mention it. But it seems more and more common. If your clients insist on an embargo (why?), try 12pm, just for a change. Wires, newspaper websites and your favourite London paper might even be interested.

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