How to use twitter for corporate news

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A tip of the hat to the social media team at HM Treasury, which I reckon are showing others how it should be done.

Today’s tweet on the latest inflation figures is typical. It landed very soon after the numbers did at 9.30am, and ahead of the email commentary from economists that always does the rounds.

It tells us very simply what the news is. There’s a helpful, official looking chart. Then there’s some government propaganda, reminding us what is being done to help people cope with cost of living increases.

Most of all, it isn’t trying to do too much. Doesn’t look like it has required the approval of 97 different officials.

I don’t know why big companies don’t do this sort of stuff more often when they have results.

A tweet is a perfect place to pithily tell us what you’ve just done, and then remind us what you are for besides making a profit. It’d be a way of reaching observers beyond the business press and letting people know how many people you employ and what other social good you may do.

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