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A massive week for tech hacks, who are going to be overworked and under the cosh. Super Tech Thursday sees Amazon, Twitter, Alphabet (that’s Google, of course) and Snap among those reporting figures.

Newspapers sometimes see these firms as business partners, usually treat them as rivals, and are increasingly regarding them as complete enemies. They want them to flop.

For UK papers, the release of the numbers comes at awkward times – late, sometimes after first editions have already started printing.

There will be appetite for quick interpretation of where those companies are succeeding and where they are failing. But it needs to be immediate. Don’t bother sending it on Friday. In fact, pre-written notes that give us context on Wednesday, tells us what to look out for, would be of most use.

There’s some handy stuff here from eMarketer offering some numbers. What we could really do with is analysis of what those numbers mean though. (eMarketer is offering up experts to interview in fairness).

The interest in covering these companies and in discussing whether they are good or bad for society as a whole has never been higher.

On which point, has Facebook been reading TB? Nick Clegg’s appointment shows they’re taking their responsibilities seriously - or at least being seen to?

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