How (not) to handle results day

Tomorrow's Business

A tale of two really big companies, one of which does media relations really well, and one which does not.

The first calls a few days before to schedule the usual call with the chief executive. It brings me up to date with the latest developments. Hints what might be newsworthy in the coming statement. Gently corrects a mis-understanding of mine from last time.

On the day itself, the CEO talks freely. He knows me well enough to just chat, knows I’m on a tight deadline and am merely looking for something newsy.

Now, you might reach the conclusion that company A just happens to like me and company B does not, but you’d be wrong. Neither of them like me.

Bullet points land. Something accessible is highlighted. Not that they are telling me what to write. Not at all!

The second is all over the shop. I get invited to a conference call which is either at 7am or 9am, depending on which email I’m supposed to believe.

The company strategy is confusing to say the least. Obvious questions are met with “we don’t release that information”.

I can’t even find the actual release, which is a formal RNS but which hasn’t been sent to me, for reasons passing understanding.

The CEO, who I’ve met many times, is not available to talk, but he is on the TV I notice, making little sense.

These huge companies are comparable. They have an equal number of challenges and disasters in the background.

One of them handles it well. The one that doesn’t won’t recognise itself, I bet.

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