The Worst Named PR Company in the World

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A TB competition launches today and we need You.

Which PR company has got the daftest name? I expect the competition to be tough, and prizes will be awarded*.

The ad industry already has an Agency Name Generator website, which is laughing at the profession, in that knowing way that suggests they think they are dead cool really. (My efforts produced: Mighty Postmaster, The Integrated Zone and Skinny Kingdom. All plausibly awful.)

The inspiration for this competition comes from a baffled City Editor who found himself in conversation with someone probably called Jemimah from a firm called, say, Pickle PR.

As he put it: “The next sentence had to be spectacular for me not to kill the conservation immediately. It wasn’t.”

I actually think Pickle PR is not too bad, or at least far from the worst out there. It is saying, or trying to, We Get You Out of a Jam. Right?

Anyway, over to you….

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