How not to win friends in the press, part 987

Tomorrow's Business

An, erm, innovative approach to handling media queries last week from an outfit called Smart Energy.

In the face of perfectly reasonable questions from the Daily Mail, it decided to publish the answers so all could see them.

To say this irritated the journalists is a bit like saying that Stuart Pearce .

One of the kinder responses: “Is this one of those social media marketing gimmicks where they put a misogynist toddler in charge of Twitter for a day?”

Simon Read had it as “a very odd move and certain to annoy a journalist working on a story”.

I’d say it is worse than that. It’s a clear breach of protocol.

James Coney called it “the most unprofessional bit of PR I have ever seen”.

Doubtless Smart Energy had their reasons. Perhaps they genuinely felt they were being open. Perhaps they didn’t expect to get a fair hearing from the Mail.

The best thing to be said about this approach, I think, is that it is unlikely to be tried again.

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