The hacks let off steam

Tomorrow's Business

The TB inbox is roughly split between polite flaks going “I don’t think you quite appreciate what we are trying to achieve over here”.

And preternaturally grumpy hacks going “These people are driving me absolutely crazy and I’m seriously worried for their personal safety”.

The TB editorial board tries to keep a balance between the polite hard-working professionals and the chaps who’ve just come back from a long lunch.

But since it is Thursday, we’ll let the long-lunch crowd let off the steam that might otherwise be flowing from their ears.

The substance of today’s complaint is that there are more and more PR people telling hacks how to do their jobs (this would never happen the other way around, of course).

Ear-steamer number one writes: “The number of times I’m told ‘it’s not a story’ or ‘I wouldn’t print that or else’, I find pretty amazing. Of course, all it does is make us go even harder, then do it again another way on day two or thereafter.”

Ear-steamer two breaks off from making a strange whistling noise to rant about flaks daring to suggest which sort of picture he should use.

“One idiot criticised us for using a picture of his boss. So we ran the exact same picture three days out of the next four.”

I guess this is either childish or fabulous depending on your world view.

Have a good weekend.

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