Foreign Flaks 0, Brit Flaks 1

Tomorrow's Business

Every once in a while London hacks are forced to deal with (very foreign) flaks. Not ones who live here and get it. Ones who live in Outer Mongolia, or might as well, for all the sense they make.

This isn’t a language issue. Their English is usually at least as good as ours. It’s how they perceive their roles. And telling hacks even basic simple information, like, how many people work at their company, is seemingly not their job.

At this point, we suddenly remember how good you lot are.

I’m struggling to see why the foreign PR industry should be so much less well developed than the one here, but it definitely is.

Large foreign companies seem to typically regard the press with a mixture of suspicion that borders on outright contempt.

We can’t all deserve it, surely.

A small example today. A big foreign company with a sizeable presence in the City had job losses to report. And no one to discuss it with beyond a statement that posed more questions than answers.

An opportunity here for someone, I guess…

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