Boom time for PR

Tomorrow's Business

Bumper results today from Robert Walters which is hiring left, right and centre.

Anecdotally, I think the same thing is happening very specifically in the PR trade.

Now, things aren’t yet so bad that anyone has offered me a job, but every lunch meeting I have with a PR firm starts or ends with “who should we hire?”

In particular, there seems to be demand at the higher end of the market for experienced, unflappable 40-somethings who’ve spent sometime in house and sometime in an agency.

Naming no names – because we are just far too polite — it has been notable lately that some ex-hacks or flaks who don’t seem that experienced (or frankly, that good) have landed really big jobs at really big companies.

For hacks, this prompts inevitable salary envy and pub talk along the lines of “do you think you could stand it if someone asked?”

For flaks, it genuinely seems to me that you’re in demand. Shop yourself about. It’s a seller’s market, I reckon….

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