You've gone OTT with the TLA's on RNS

Tomorrow's Business

The morning trawl through stock market announcements isn’t very many people’s idea of a good time. But some days are better than others.

Aside from what we expect – results from big companies, etc – we’re looking for stuff we didn’t know.

An interesting deal. A profit warning. Or something fun from a company that does something unusual.

A certain amount of jargon in these statements is inevitable. Not least because lawyers are involved and since they seem to get paid by the word they always prefer 500 when ten would have done.

But I reckon the jargon and in particular the use of acronyms is getting out of hand.

TLA’s (three letter acronyms), which I thought the preserve of product marketers, are lately all over regulatory filings.

This is the worst sort of geekspeak – its short-hand which isn’t even explained. Yesterday, Trainline was the offender, with references to its T4B division. T4B? What’s that? A chemical compound?

I have to employ Google to discover that it’s Trainline for Business, actually quite a big part of the company. They might have told us.

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