At least we're not in advertising

Tomorrow's Business

How trustworthy are advertising executives, asks the excellent Bob Hoffman, one of the industry’s best critics.

According to the IPSOS poll he cities, they aren’t. Aside from politicians, the ad trade comes rock bottom for honesty.

In some countries, including the UK, the ad men (and women) score even lower than the politicians.

Hoffman writes: “The paradox for advertising’s so-called leadership to explain: The industry charged with enhancing the reputation and esteem of the world’s brands has the lowest reputation and esteem of the world’s businesses.”

Two thoughts:

1) There is plainly an opportunity for the hack and flak industry here, to be more honest than advertising.

2) When our collective trades offer reason for embarrassment, at least we can say: it could be worse Mum. It’s not like I’m in advertising.

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