The best hack in town

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Who is the best City commentator? Hacks will have a very definite opinion on that, but we thought we’d also give flaks the chance to vote.

Note we’ve gone for commentators, not editors, though some are both.

So take your pick from:

• Ian King • Patrick Hosking • Ruth Sunderland • Alex Brummer • Nils Pratley • Jim Armitage • Anthony Hilton • Ben Marlow • Alistair Osborne • Matthew Vincent • Patrick Jenkins • Jonathan Guthrie • Ollie Shah • Mark Kleinman

If you’re not on the list, don’t be offended. Or do. Whatever.

Journalists voting for themselves shall be commended for sneakiness. But also disqualified.

If you follow the link above you can also vote on this: Which City section is the most “pro business”?

• FT • Daily Mail • Mail on Sunday • The Times • The Telegraph • The Guardian • Evening Standard • City AM • The i Paper • The Sunday Times

There’s a box to leave a comment. All votes (and comments) are anonymous.

We will publish the votes on Thursday before we break up for Christmas.

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