The strange dearth of Royal releases

Tomorrow's Business

You might have noticed there’s a bit of trouble at the Old Firm we know as the Royal Family.

Newspapers are obsessed with this story. No detail, real or imagined, about the state of play between Harry, Meghan, William and the Queen is too small not to merit about 20 pages.

So it is a surprise to report that the flak trade seems to have been slow on the uptake.

Maybe I’m not on the right lists, but I haven’t got a single press release trying to link a plug to the Royal farrago.

Normally, the flak trade completely overdoes this stuff. Private Eye has a column, Desperate Marketing, devoted to that sort of overreach.

For once, I think you can safely just express yourselves. Were I editing a problem page, every letter would be some variant of “My wife doesn’t get on with my grandma…” or “my brother and I used to be so close…”

Were I editing the money section, I’d want reams of stories explaining how to divide the fortune of a warring family in the most tax efficient manner possible.

Go for it.

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