If you can’t get up, don’t work in the City

Tomorrow's Business

A terrible idea, coming your way. Big banks and fund managers have urged the London Stock Exchange to push back its opening by an hour and a half.

Some bunch of chancers called the Association for Financial Markets in Europe want the LSE to open at 9.30am, to make a shorter working day.

My self interest is that this would be bad for my employers, the Evening Standard, since it would make it tough to hit an 11am deadline. I dare say we’d figure it out, but it’s far from ideal.

I guess hacks and flaks might like the idea of a lie-in on results day, none of that 7am panic, but I still think it is a bad idea for both trades, and for London.

The complainers say an early start is bad for mental health and work-life balance. Well, no. Only if your employer thinks a 7am start should routinely be followed by a 7pm finish.

For some of us, including a lot of flaks and others in the City, an early start followed by a school pick up works just great.

A move to later trading would put us more in line with Europe. But we’ve just rather publicly demonstrated that we don’t want to align with Europe. We want to diverge.

I hope we stick with the way things are now. Thoughts?

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