Dominic's Comings and Goings

Tomorrow's Business

Is this the beginning of the end of Dominic Cummings? Those of us who like his somewhat madcap style and crazy antics hope not.

But the move to ban some journalists from lobby briefings is extraordinarily unsophisticated.

It’s not like political handlers can’t selectively brief favoured hacks. They do that all the time. But open bans are clumsy, to say the least. This one had the effect of sworn enemies, great media rivals, ending up on the same side.

Two final thoughts: 1) Every new government tries to do something about the lobby. They fail. A fight you are going to lose seldom looks like a fight worth having. 2) They say when the PR man becomes the story, he has to go. When the PR strategy becomes the story, that’s surely even worse.

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