Freud is no fraud, but what about the rest?

Tomorrow's Business

Fair play to Matthew Freud, the founder of Freud Communications, for telling his staff their jobs and salaries are safe.

In an email you can read here he says “there has never been a more important time for comms”.

Well, I guess so, though I am slightly struggling with the notion of PRs as essential front-line workers.

Freud says he is “hopeful that in dealing with the emergency of this virus, we will finally be forced to deal with the much greater systemic problems that have been swept under the carpet for too long”.

Before the crisis, big business and its flaks talked endlessly about ESG – Environmental, Social and Governance stuff which would show that big business really does want to Do The Right Thing.

Hacks were sceptical, flaks insisted it was real.

Well, this is the perfect opportunity to show they were sincere.

At the moment, businesses that behave badly will almost certainly be shamed into a u-turn.

Once we get through this, will businesses decide that in the new, much tougher economy, money spent on ESG is money wasted?

Or have they really changed?

I hope Matthew Freud is right. But I’d bet the other way.

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