A gap in the market

Tomorrow's Business

“You’re doing well,” I said to an acquaintance who’s been all over the TV and press the last two weeks.

“Yeh,” he said. “But let’s be honest, only because they can’t find anyone else to interview.”

He was being modest, but the point is well made.

Lots of the people the business press and broadcasters might want to speak to are presently in self-isolation.

They might be working, but they probably don’t want to do much press.

There is a hole to be filled.

That niche client who has struggled to get attention so far has a fresh chance.

As I’ve said before, it is so easy to look like you are exploiting the crisis here, so mind your language.

But a clever tech entrepreneur with something valuable to add is more likely to catch the eye now than they were even two weeks ago.

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