The danger of nice journalists, part 2

Tomorrow's Business

Yesterday’s missive pondered if Covid-19 has made us all soft.

Perhaps we had got into the habit of giving credit where it isn’t due, and letting other things slide, given the circumstances.

Time for gloves off, I reckon.

One specific tale not getting the scrutiny it may deserve is the flotation of The Hut Group.

To its credit, The Times gave it the proper treatment today, asking if you would “bet your shirt” on this “loss-making conglomerate”.

I think there is more to be done here.

The Hut Group float is a huge deal. The founder wants to be Chairman and CEO. He wants a golden share. He is getting up to £700 million in an LTIP scheme that is, erm, generous.

My flak with a (vague) conscience says: “Any one of those would have filled his PR johnnie with mortal dread pre Covid. And all three would have made him or her emigrate. But this seems fine now. Perhaps Covid has made everyone nicer?”

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