A PR problem with the Communist Party

Tomorrow's Business

A fierce attack on big business over the weekend for links to China, in particular to the Chinese Communist Party.

The perhaps surprising thing? The attack was led by former Conservative Party leader Iain Duncan Smith and appeared in the Mail on Sunday.

In the old days, before everything went completely skew-whiff, you could rely on the MoS and the Tory party to find excuses for big business.

They need to make money so they can pay tax to pay for schools. We have to live in the real world.

Would have been the defence of most things corporate.

Duncan Smith doesn’t muck about. Big business has shown “hopeless naivety”, “the conduct of HSBC and other financial institutions is not just wrong but immoral”. Pfizer, Glaxo and AstraZeneca also get dishonourable mentions.

Let’s forget for a minute if he has a point or not (I think he does), how are these huge companies supposed to respond?

My guess is that they will hope it goes away. If it doesn’t, being seen as in league with a party liked to state-sponsored concentration camps is somewhat of a PR problem. No?

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