Roxhill Webinar: Sustainable Travel Post Covid-19


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Register to watch the full-length webinar with Isabel Choat, the Guardian’s Online Travel Editor, Chris Haslam, Chief Travel Writer at the Sunday Times, and Anna Hughes, Author and Founder of Flight Free UK as we ask what relevance green travel has now, what challenges are facing the industry and whether Covid-19 could actually be an opportunity for the travel industry to make a serious impact on carbon emissions.

The Speakers

Chris Haslam is the multi award-winning Chief Travel Writer at The Sunday Times.
Isabel Choat is Online Travel Editor at The Guardian covering all industry and travel issues. The Guardian is committed to covering responsible travel, which has always been high on the agenda for its audience.
Anna Hughes is an environmentalist and campaigner. She has worked in behaviour change and sustainability for over a decade, and is currently Director of Flight Free UK, a campaign set up in November 2018 to encourage people to fly less. Environmental sustainability is at the heart of Anna’s adventures and writing.

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