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Roxhill's GDPR compliant tools simplify your media selection and distribution process, ensuring your story gets through to the right outlets, journalists and influencers.

Target the right journalists and influencers

Roxhill’s powerful technology allows you to search through thousands of topics, sectors and companies to find outlets, journalists and influencers with a legitimate interest in your key issues.

Efficiently manage your contact records

Roxhill’s integrated notes and activity features allow you to record all interactions with each journalist and influencer, an essential feature should you need to prove your consent.

Quickly manage data requests

Roxhill’s distribution system efficiently manages the ‘status’ of each media contact. All unsubscribed contacts are clearly flagged enabling you to swiftly remove all opt-outs at list level and stay GDPR compliant.

Keep your contact data and processing secure

Roxhill offers you a secure central point of contact for all your media data. Our team ensures journalist and influencer details are kept up to date, alerting you to any moves from your desired sector or outlet; helping you keep your media lists relevant.

Create flexible designs

Produce flexible email designs in minutes with Roxhill’s intuitive email editor. You can customise each template to meet your needs and the in-page preview tools make edits effortless, ensuring your email always looks professional.

Plan ahead with campaign scheduling

Roxhill’s schedule and send feature offers a simple drop-down calendar with the option to set the date and time for each email campaign allowing you to schedule your press releases with ease.

Measure the impact of your story

Track and monitor campaign performance with advanced analytics. Review campaign deliverability, opens and clicks in real-time, giving you a deeper understanding of how journalists and influencers are engaging with your content.

Act on your insights with data-driven decisions

Examine campaign performance by contact activity or by press release. Roxhill’s visual analytics on subscriber behaviour, give you additional insight into what content is driving performance and ultimately impacting your corporate objectives.

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