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Search Lifestyle topics

Within Roxhill, you can search hundreds of Lifestyle and consumer related topics to identify the journalists who are genuinely interested in the topic you care about. In this scenario we have selected 'skincare'.

See who across the UK nationals has written on this topic

In terms of 'skincare' over 88 journalists have recently written an article on this topic for you to drill down and investigate.

Investigate these 88 journalists

Drill-down and see how many articles and the angle of the stories to decide if this journalist is relevant to your campaign.

See what else the journalist covers

View the journalist analysis and coverage charts to see what else the selected journalist has been writing about over the last 6 months.

View the topics and companies

Get a richer overview as to what topics and companies a journalist writes about, as well as more insight about them with our short notes.

See what 10,000+ global users are raving about...

"Roxhill helps us monitor key career moves of journalists. Meaning our database is never outdated and email addresses up-to-date." Ticketmaster

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Customise your alerts

Follow the moves, promotions and updates on only those journalists and outlets you care about keeping you informed.

Customise your streams

Follow in real time (or as you choose) what a journalist is generating in terms topics and tweets they post along with their forward features and media requests.

Search Twitter

Search for keywords within Roxhill's Twitter platform to see who is tweeting about issues you care about – in this example we select those tweeting about 'Burberry'

See who across the database who has been recently tweeting on 'Burberry'

For this search, 329 journalists have recently tweeted about 'Burberry' allowing you to drill down and investigate.

Read their tweets

See how active the journalist has been and what they have been tweeting to decide if relevant for your campaign.

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