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Roxhill’s fully customised alerts help you stay informed of journalist moves, media requests, forward features, social media posts and more.
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Journalist and Media Requests

Get your tailored media request notifications from journalists, delivered straight to your inbox, and gain access to upcoming stories and PR opportunities in an instant with Roxhill. Whether it’s a company profile, expert opinion or a simple quote, Media Requests offer you the perfect chance to get access to the right publicity.

Journalist Moves

Do you need a daily digest of the latest media moves in your industry? With Roxhill’s Journalist Alerts, you’ll be the first to hear of journalist moves, promotions and updates in your world, tailored by your sector or area of interest.

Article Headlines and Forward Features

Discover who’s writing about your company, topic or sector of interest in real time, with Roxhill’s Articles and Forward Feature alerts. Receive instant notifications straight to your inbox, or set up your personalised dashboard, giving you quick and easy access to the right journalists and outlets.

Social Media Monitoring

You can now monitor the social conversations you care about with Roxhill’s real-time social media alerts. You will never miss a key post or message. Monitor and track your media conversations from Twitter and Instagram and get instant notifications filtered by journalist, outlet, sector, keyword and more.

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